Pink ink or pink streak for breast cancer

Residents make bold statements for awareness

October 22, 2010|By Alyssa Rossomme (

BRISTOL — Some local residents are making a bold statement, in honor of breast cancer victims, patients, and survivors.

Katie McDonald, for example, got inked for breast cancer awareness. Boardwalk Ink in Bristol tattooed a one-and-a-half inch pink ribbon on her shoulder at no charge.  They simply asked for at least a $10 donation to the American Cancer Society.

“My grandma on my dad's side is a 2-time cancer survivor, breast cancer, so I kind of wanted to get that for her,” said McDonald.

Boardwalk Ink has been inundated with people who want a pink ribbon tattoo. They gave more than 200 free tattoos the first week.


“A lot of cancer survivors, a lot of elderly women that have been through breast cancer, lots of men honoring their mothers, their sisters, their wives,” said Patricia Yoder, of Boardwalk Ink.

“I think it's a great thing. I think it's for a good cause. I think it's awesome,” said  McDonald.

Others are making a pink statement that is a little less permanent.  The 6th Street Salon in Mishawaka, like many local hair salons, is putting in pink hair extensions this month.

“It's letting people know we are very concerned about people with breast cancer,” said Pam Toner, hair dresser.

The pink streak costs $10, and the money goes to breast cancer research.

“They love it, they really do, they think it's great. It makes them feel good about themselves to be able to do something that shows. Instead of just writing a check, it's showing that they've donated,” said Toner.

There are many pink products available to show support for breast cancer research and awareness. The Better Business Bureau recommends doing a little investigating before you purchase products with pink ribbons on the packaging, because that does not always mean a good breast cancer charity is benefiting.

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