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Mystery still surrounds 100-year-old LaPorte serial killer story


November 14, 2011|By Kristin Bien (

It is not what the city of LaPorte wants to be known for – the home of a woman accused of brutally murdering more than 20 people. But the murder mystery surrounding the life and death of Belle Gunness is so intriguing it will leave you wondering, did she get away with murder?

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At Patton Cemetary in LaPorte there is a gravestone from 1908. Below it rests the final victim of Belle Gunness. The grave stone reads:

Andrew Helgelien
1859 - 1908
The last victim of the Gunness Horrors
Remains found by his Brother Asle Helgelien
May 5, 1908
Rest in Peace

Andrew Helgelien's body was found buried in a shallow grave. At least 12 other bodies were found as well. But the story and the killings began much earlier.

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