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Police: Man breaks into South Bend home, vacuums and folds laundry

February 09, 2012|By Denise Bohn | WSBT-TV Reporter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Imagine coming home to a clean house, your laundry folded and dinner made. It's a dream come true for most people, but for one South Bend woman it was a shocking and unwelcome invasion of her home.

Ann Murray came home Monday night around 11:30 and found a strange man in her apartment on North Lance Court. She thought she was being robbed, but instead the man, "had cooked some chicken and onions in a pot, folded my clothes and swept my floor," Murray says.

That’s right – the burglar was making dinner, had neatly organized Murray's laundry and cleaned her floors.

When asked if he did a good job, Murray laughed and said, "Yes, he drank up my orange juice, but it's cool, because he swept my floors and folded my clothes."

While Murray has a sense of humor about what happened, the strange break-in has left her and her son somewhat scared and nervous. They did not sleep in their apartment for two days and are thinking about moving to a different complex.

Police say 45-year-old Keith Davis got into Murray's apartment through an unlocked front window. When police arrived at the house, Davis was calmly sitting in a chair in Murray's living room, but wasn't making a lot of sense. He told police he lived there, but gave them a different address. He did admit to cooking food and cleaning the apartment.

“Officers…spoke with Mr. Davis after advising him of his rights and him waiving the same,” according to the probable cause affidavit. “Officers also noted that the front window screen had been torn. Keith Davis advised officers that he had arrived at the home in the afternoon. He then told officers that he had woke up there in the morning. He stated that he had gotten keys to the home out of a closet and that a Korean woman had told him where they were -- It is important to note that Ms. Murray is black. He further stated that he had cooked food in the home and had cleaned it up. He then told officers that he lived there, but stated that his address was [address removed for this article]. He then began to talk about his time in the service and other tangential comments. When officers asked about the torn screen, he stated that he was going to pry open the window with a nail file in his pocket. He then recanted that statement. Officers had a difficult time understanding his speech and obscure tangents.”

Murray says she and the police believe Davis was on some type of drug.

"He seemed like he really thought this was his home."

Murray says Davis even put a sheet and pillow on her couch.

"He didn't take anything. Well, I guess he took a nap while the food was cooking."

And as for that food, Murray says she wasn't taking any chances.

"I didn't know what he put in there, what he mixed in there, mixed something that got him thinking this was his house. We just threw it in the trash can!" Murray laughed.

Murray believes Davis lives in the same apartment complex as she does, but several streets over. He is in the St. Joseph County Jail charged with breaking and entering. Bond was set at $5,000 cash. The prosecutor is requesting he undergo a psychological evaluation.

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