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Tornado wrecks Henryville's structures, not its hope

March 06, 2012|By Colleen Ferreira (, Click here to follow Colleen on Twitter | By Colleen Ferreira (, Click here to follow Colleen on Twitter

Mother Nature’s mess in southern Indiana has families still picking up what’s left of their lives and livelihoods.

In Henryville, the aftermath of last Friday's tornado still has some locals in shock, but others are starting to accept what's happened.

“I knew if the school was gone, my house was gone,” said homeowner Mindy Nye.

Nye is slowly saying goodbye to her home.

The rubble next to an elementary school was once a house that was in her family for generations.

On Tuesday, the tears were gone and bravery set in.

"It was hard by I’m over it,” Nye said.

Nye was inside her church down the street when the tornado made its way through Henryville.

Coming back and facing this disaster where her home once stood was difficult, but she quickly realized her stuff wasn’t a priority.


“I wasn’t praying ‘Lord keep my house safe,’ I was praying to keep my family safe,” she said.

Nye has been back to her home base everyday trying to find odds and ends and some keepsakes. What once was her life is now nothing more than a few scraps to collect and piece together

And surprisingly she’s OK with it.

"Not a lot of tears – not as many as you would think,” she said.

That’s because she knows this is not the end of Henryville.

“I think the town will be rebuilt and if it’s hit the next day we’ll do it again”

She said the community has come together stronger than ever because of the destructive storm.

Nye said Henryville will always be home.

“I don’t think anyone from this town will pick up and never come back because this has happened”

There has been some speculation that the town won't be rebuilt because it’s so small. All day long WSBT’s crew saw utility and construction crews rebuilding power lines and homes.

People who live there say they will fight back and they have the confidence the town will be back to normal – hopefully sooner rather than later.

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On Wednesday, make your donations count for tornado victims!

WSBT-TV, WSBT Radio and Sunny 101.5 team up with Martin's Super Markets and the Red Cross to raise money for victims of the deadly southern Indiana tornadoes.

All day Wednesday, Red Cross volunteers and WSBT-TV and Sunny 101.5 staff will be collecting monetary donations at Martin's Super Market at S.R. 23 and Ironwood in South Bend.

We will only be taking money donations ... not supplies ... because the needs down there change every minute.

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