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For 3rd time in 5 weeks, LaPorte County Jail releases wrong inmate

March 08, 2012|WSBT-TV Report

The LaPorte County Jail released the wrong inmate again.

Sheriff Mike Mollenhauer says last Tuesday Jervon Martin was released because of a paperwork mistake. He was being held for Missouri police on drug and resisting police charges.

Jail officials didn't realize Martin was gone until Missouri police arrived six days later to pick him up.

He has not been found.

This is the third time in five weeks the jail has released the wrong inmate. The sheriff says all three incidents happened because jail staff didn't follow procedure.

"We're understaffed, have been for some time now.  We're overpopulated.  We have 368 beds in our facility and we've been running right around 430 offenders," he told WSBT.  "I'm not making an excuse, but I think that might have been part of it."


A jail sargeant has been fired and another officer because of the mistakes.

"We're embarrassed, yes," Mollenhauer said.  "But mistakes happen and action has to be taken when mistakes happen."
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