Crews respond to fire at Park Jefferson Apartments

June 18, 2012|WSBT-TV Report

There was another fire at a South Bend apartment complex with a long history of fires. It did about $50,000 worth of damage but no one was hurt.

Crews were called to the Park Jefferson apartments at around 10 Sunday night. The fire started on a second floor apartment. Investigators say a pan was left on a stove.

Chief Buchanan says the calm weather helped keep the fire from spreading.

Firefighters evacuated people in seven units as a precaution. Most people are not out of their homes Monday.

Our archives show there have been at least 11 fires at the complex over the last 12 years, the most recent in January.

“Obviously we've been out in this area a few times so we've gotten a better idea how we want to address the situation,” said Chief Carl Buchanan with the South Bend Fire Department6jason6

No one was hurt in this huge fire on January 6th, but it damaged more than 30 units.  And it lead to a meeting between complex management and city leaders.


There was also a fire in October of 2011 that gutted 8 apartments in a building.

In March of 2009 the clubhouse was destroyed by an electrical fire.

Two years earlier, fire caused more than $3 million damage to a building.

And in 2003, a lightning strike caused a fire that destroyed 16 apartments.

Most of the fires were caused by tenants.

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