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Nuns on the Bus stop in South Bend

June 21, 2012|By Chad Damp (

SOUTH BEND - South Bend is known for its strong Catholic presence. So it's no surprise a group of nuns on a cross-country tour would make a stop here. But this stop is no ordinary one and it's no ordinary road trip either.

They're calling themselves the Nuns on the Bus and they’re driving, they say, for faith, family, and fairness.

Their 2,700 mile trip will take them through 9 states where they'll talk about their objection to a federal budget proposal they say will hurt the country's poor. It’s aimed at Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's house passed budget plan, which Ryan says is in tune with his catholic faith, even though it cuts services to the poor.

"It's an immoral document because it doesn't follow catholic social teaching regardless of what Congressman Ryan says," said Nun on the Bus Sister Simone Campbell.

"For me it has to do with food stamps, healthcare, head start and the cuts that go to those services and I'm saying it's not fair," said Sister Diane Donoghue who’s also on the tour.


The traveling nuns were greeted by sisters from the area who are happy to see someone bringing attention to their concerns.

"I think that to try and cut services to the poor at such a terrible economic time in our history would be the worst thing to do," said Sister Michaeleen from Holy Cross.

Not even halfway to their destination, the nuns plan to continue down the road toward change.

"People are gonna be hurt so badly if that goes through that the people of the United States needs to know it,” said Sister Campbell. “We're better than that. There's an alternative."

Congressman Ryan has not responded directly to the nuns' bus tour according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier.

The group plans to visit Representative Joe Donnelly's office Friday morning at 10. Then they will head to Grand Rapids for the next stop on the tour.
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