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South Bend School Board reprimands Sniadecki

November 09, 2012|By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook | By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook

The South Bend School Board just voted to reprimand one of its members. It's called a censure, and board member Bill Sniadecki was on the receiving end.

A censure is basically a public way of saying the board does not approve of something one of its members did. It does not push Sniadecki off the board. In fact, he was just re-elected, but it does strip him of his title as an officer.

It's just slightly more than a slap on the wrist.

The board accuses Sniadecki of lying, of wrongly accusing the rest of the board of illegal activity when they  held a meeting behind closed doors.

The board says Sniadecki tried to compromise the superintendent selection process, and that he yelled at school district employees, causing them to fear for their safety.

There was a whole list of accusations against sniadecki and some of them go back as far as 7 years.

Sniadecki denies all of the allegations and more than a dozen people lined up to voice their support for him during the public comment portion of the meeting.

The vote was 4-2.  Sniadecki has been officially censured.

"Now the purpose of this meeting today is in fact to hold Mr. Sniadecki accountable for a long and established pattern of violating South Bend Community School policy and state law,” said Roger Parent, school board president. “His misbehavior covers many years…”

"No matter what they do to me tonight, I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing,” said Sniadecki. "And the bottom line right now, my last words: Our job as a board -- and I'm talking to all you  board members -- our business is to give the best education possible to every kid in the school district and we need to quit this bull and get back to business."

This was a very bitter meeting.  In fact, the board called in extra security. Police twice escorted people out of the room for, as Parent put it, “verbally attacking the board.”


After it all ended the superintendent and some board members were quickly ushered out of the room, escorted by security.

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