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Lindsay Baker: Outstanding Student Athlete

January 24, 2013|Warsaw , Jan. 24th, 2013 | By David McCoy (, Click here to follow David on Twitter WSBT-TV

Some players are known as scorers. Distributors. Rebounders. Defenders.
Lindsay Baker's not known for any of these things. 
She's known for all of them.
"Lindsay's a well-rounded player," Warsaw coach Michelle Harter said. "She does everything for us out on the floor. If one area of her game is off, then she picks it up in another."
"When I was younger, I used to be a really insane defender," Baker said. "That's what my coach called me, I was a defensive machine. But once I got better at my game, I decided that you can't just be labeled as a shooter, a scorer, a passer. You can't be labeled as that, or you're too easy to guard. And for me, that's one thing I've really worked on is being hard to guard."
Add one more thing to that list -- leader. And that's a label she likes.
"Lindsay's a vocal leader," Harter said. "If we need to get together as a team, she pulls the team together."
"Yeah, she's right," Baker said. "I like to talk. I like to make sure my voice is heard on the floor."
"Lindsay's biggest contribution to our season so far has been her leadership," Harter said.
It's a season in which the Tigers still have yet to lose a game.
"It's been an experience and I wouldn't ask for anything different for my senior year," Baker said. "My perfect end to my season would be to put a blue ring on my finger and walk out of Warsaw Community High School with that state championship. And honestly, with this team, it's possible."

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