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Assessing the storm damage

May 29, 2013|WSBT-TV Report

Tuesday night’s heavy thunderstorms left behind quite a bit of damage for many homeowners in Michiana.

WSBT’s James Fillmore stopped to check out the damage along Tudor Lane in South Bend where there was debris all around, including a tree that blocked a sidewalk.

There are two daycares in the neighborhood, both of which were out of power.

One of the women kept the kids busy in the front yard, keeping them away from the downed power lines and storm debris in the backyard.

A friend of another woman was nice enough to loan her a generator so the food in her freezer wouldn't go bad.

Nearby, one South Bend couple lives in a house that is around 200-years-old.

Early Wednesday, they heard a loud noise and found that several trees in their yard were split in half.

A part of one of the trees fell on their roof.

The couple was most devastated about losing their mature trees but plan on having an insurance agent assess the overall damage.


“That window over there is the first one that it broke, and it started running in there, and then we heard another bang and looked, and we could see where this wall was cracked,” said Sondra Kalwitz.

People who have begun the clean-up process are already starting to get branches to the roadside for pick-up.

Indiana Michigan Power estimated that some 800 people in St. Joseph County were still without power late Wednesday afternoon.

Crews are continuing to work to get power restored to those homes.

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