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Crews continue to work to restore power to Berrien County

June 14, 2013|By James Fillore ( | WSBT-TV

BERRIEN COUNTY-- More than 2,500 people in Berrien County are still without power after Wednesday night's storm.

More than 250 additional repair people are working on electric lines in the area.  

The power company estimates that electricity should be restored to everyone in Benton Harbor and Watervliet by 8 Friday night and by 8 Saturday night for people in Coloma.     

In the meantime, people continue to adjust to life without electricity.

In the daylight, West Maple Street in Coloma may look like a normal neighborhood.  

Cars are parked along the road and people mowing their lawns but some who live here have been without power since Wednesday night.

Josh Jobe says, "We're having to use flashlights everyday to just walk around and do everyday activities."    

Josh Jobe just graduated from high school.   

The power outage is bumming him out.  

Friday night is his graduation party and he's hoping the lack of electricity won't negatively impact his celebration any more than it already has.


Jobe says, "It's been a hassle. Phone not being charged and with my graduation party we've been having to run pop and everything from one house to another trying to keep everything cold for the party."

He's not alone. around a dozen people on maple street have been without power since Wednesday night and the power here on this street may not get restored until Saturday night.   

Most of the street is without power because the storm toppled this huge tree on power lines in one of the backyards on Maple Street.

Roseann Clements says, "No blow dryers. That's important in the morning."

She doesn't mind the power outage so much.  

The biggest issue for her is emptying her refrigerator before food spoils.

She says, "I experienced the 1980's when we lost power for a whole week and as long as we have running toilets and hot water and water we're pretty good to go and I also have a lot of family in the area so if I need to I can go and stay with them."

Indiana Michigan Power says there are two main reasons why the power has been out so long in Berrien County.     

They have to restore 22 downed power poles. Also the storm damaged high-power transmission lines.

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