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New information released in New Carlisle murder-suicide investigation

August 06, 2013|WSBT-TV Report

Today the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office released new information about what they say was a murder-suicide that happened Tuesday in New Carlisle.

They say the deceased were discussing divorce and had been separated. They say that Andrew Zarobinski talked to the children after killing their mother, and before shooting himself.

The prosecutor’s office – having determined that it was a murder-suicide – say they are closing the investigation.

Read the full news release:

On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Officers were dispatched to the home of Michelle Zarobinski in New Carlisle, Indiana. The fourteen year old daughter of Michelle had advised dispatch that her step-father, Andrew Zarobinski had shot her mother.

Officers arrived and found the fourteen year old and her nine year old sister standing on the front porch of the home. Officers also found Michelle Zarobinski and Andrew Zarobinski dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

Autopsies were performed on both bodies. The forensic pathologist found that Michelle Zarobinski died from two (2) gunshot wounds to the head. Andrew Zarobinski died from a single gunshot wound to the head.


The County Metro Homicide Unit was activated and interviewed witnesses, including the children. Both children advised that Andrew Zarobinski had come to the home around 7:00 am and entered the bedroom. Michelle Zarobinski was in the bedroom with her nine year old daughter. Andrew Zarobinski ordered the nine year old to leave the room. The fourteen year old was taking a shower at the time. Both children heard Michelle and Andrew arguing. Andrew Zarobinski then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Michelle. Andrew Zarobinski then shot multiple times, striking Michelle Zarobinski, causing her to fall to the floor.

The children then fled downstairs. Andrew Zarobinski then came downstairs, spoke to the children briefly, and went back upstairs. They then heard a single gunshot.

Detectives with the CMHU interviewed a number of other individuals concerning this matter, including the children's biological father, and members of the family of Andrew Zarobinski and Michelle Zarobinski. Officers learned that Andrew and Michelle Zarobinski were discussing a divorce and had been separated for a significant time period. Andrew Zarobinski had not lived at that home during that time period.

According to Police Records both with the New Carlisle Police Department and the St. Joseph County Police Department, there had never been calls to the police from that home.

After a review of the evidence from the CMHU investigation, the prosecutor's office has determined that the shooting deaths were the result of a murder-suicide and will be closing the investigation.

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