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WSBT-TV Report | October 7, 2012
Everyone in Michiana is under a FREEZE WARNING tonight. Temps will dip into the upper 20's to low 30's around the area, allowing widespread frost to develop around daybreak Monday morning. Take note, gardeners!   If you have sensitive plants, be sure to bring them in the garage or throw a bed sheet over them. A freeze warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely. These conditions will not only kill plants but also crops. The freeze warning remains in effect from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday.
March 30, 2013
It's been a rough weekend for fires all throughout Michiana. We've heard of all kinds of grass fires and brush fires, and there was a house fire Saturday night in Elkhart. Initially there were reports of flames showing when a fire broke out at 221 Banks Street. Everyone made it out safely and it didn't take long to knock down the flames. A neighbor says the building's owner suspects an animal may have chewed through the wiring sparking the blaze. And in Niles a field fire broke out early this evening near the airport.
WSBT-TV Report | January 29, 2012
The snow and wind that hammered us at times Sunday made for a tricky situation for drivers in Michiana. We've been hearing about accidents all afternoon and evening throughout the viewing area. Police have not confirmed the cause, or if it was related to bad road conditions, but around 6:30 p.m. numerous emergency responders and a medical helicopter were sent to the scene of a crash at U.S. 31 and 2C Road in Marshall County. A county dispatcher told us two patients were taken to the hospital.
WSBT-TV Report | August 2, 2012
For the second time in three days, gas prices have jumped. analysts predicted prices would jump 10 to 35 cents per gallon by tonight, and they were right. Pump prices, which were below $3.40 a gallon in much of Michiana earlier this week are now close to $4.00 in some areas. CLICK HERE to check gas prices in the South Bend area. Pipeline problems are being blamed. The oil company Enbridge shut down a pipeline from Canada to Chicago.
By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook | By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook | September 17, 2012
The sounds of new home construction are once again echoing through some Michiana neighborhoods. The past few years were pretty difficult for many homebuilders, who struggled to find business, but now it appears they're recovering, though slowly. “We feel like we rested during 2010 and 2011, so now we're ready to go back to work,” said Andy Place Jr., president of the St. Joseph Valley Homebuilders Association. It's easy to pass by the construction site just south of Eddy Street Commons, near Notre Dame, and not think much of it. The site, called the triangle development, is filled with dirt, heavy equipment and construction material -- so what?
WSBT-TV Report | February 2, 2011
Stay in = Stay safe The Blizzard of 2011 has struck, leaving no area untouched by dense, deep snow. Snow that fell in one place was picked up and whipped by "blizzard quality" winds overnight. Impassable roads are the norm throughout Michiana Wednesday morning. While the National Weather Service downgraded the blizzard warning to winter storm advisory, the blizzard's effects are far from finished. More snow and blustery winds will continue Wednesday, continuing to add to mounting snowdrifts.
SBT24/7 News Report | March 4, 2010
A driver failed to stop for an Edwardsburg police officer late Wednesday — and wasn’t caught until other agencies joined in the pursuit. Police say the driver continued south from Michigan into Elkhart before heading west on County Road 6, but he left Elkhart County before their officers caught up with him. The man then continued into St. Joseph County along Cleveland Road, where county officers joined in the chase. But in the end it was the Edwardsburg officer who caught him as he turned north again on Beech Road and then surrendered.
SBT24/7 News Report | October 25, 2010
Rainy weather with hail and wind hit Michiana on Sunday night through Monday morning.  WSBT-TV StormTracker HD forecast calls for isolated showers and thunderstorms overnight. The National Weather Service in northern Indiana issued a special weather statement early Monday to report thunderstorms along a line extending from Marcellus, Mich., to South Bend to LaPorte, moving east at 40 mph. Expect occasional cloud-to-ground lightning and heavy downpours with these storms.
WSBT-TV Report | November 19, 2012
Two more people from Michiana have died from fungal meningitis linked to tainted back pain medicine. And the lawsuits are now stacking up. Attorney Douglas Small of the law firm Foley and Small says both meningitis victims were clients of his. Small says 83-year-old Jack Durben of Edwardsburg, Mich. died in the early morning of November 10, and 87-year-old Viola Copsy of Constantine, Mich. died early this morning. Small says his office on Monday was filing a lawsuit on behalf of five other clients and will be filing additional complaints for more than a dozen additional people in the next two weeks.
By Ed Ernstes ( | WSBT-TV Reporter | July 10, 2012
Area lake levels are dropping as Michiana suffers through a serious drought. At Heaton Lake north of Elkhart, its level drops daily. “It's way lower now than what it's ever been. I have never seen it this low,” says Darrell Niles. He's among a growing number of homeowners along Heaton Lake who are concerned about how drought conditions have lowered water levels considerably. Everett Leinhart has lived in the area near 40 years, close to the inlet that feeds Heaton Lake.
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