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By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook | WSBT-TV | May 1, 2013
Ticks are pretty bad this year, especially for dogs, according to a veterinarian who has been pulling them off pets every day for the past few weeks. “Just since it's warmed up the past couple or few weeks the number of ticks have gone up dramatically,” said Dr. Jeffrey Vogl, a veterinarian at University Park Veterinary Hospital. It's sure not what most people want to think about as the weather warms, but it's something to be aware of now that a lot of people and pets are heading outdoors to play.
By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook | WSBT-TV | April 23, 2013
Investigators say they believe the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were motivated by a radical version of Islam. It's an important development in the investigation, and also an opportunity for followers of Islam to educate others about a religion that's sometimes misunderstood. “These cases should be looked at on an individual level rather than generalizing the whole Muslim community,” said Imam Mohammad Sirajuddin, who leads the Islamic Society of Michiana.
By Ted Land (, Click here to friend Ted on Facebook | WSBT-TV | April 15, 2013
A group of runners from Michiana finished the Boston Marathon just minutes before the deadly explosions. Tracy Eaves of Niles and Lisa Smith of South Bend ran the race along with two other friends who are members of the Michiana Runners Association. “I crossed the finish line and stopped my watch and then I heard this huge explosion,” said Smith, who was running the race for the first time, “it was right at the corner where I turned the corner to come into the finish chute.” “Lisa had started in another class and doing the math mentally I knew she would be like right at the finish line when they went off, so there was a bit of panic,” said Eaves, who just completed her third Boston Marathon.
March 30, 2013
It's been a rough weekend for fires all throughout Michiana. We've heard of all kinds of grass fires and brush fires, and there was a house fire Saturday night in Elkhart. Initially there were reports of flames showing when a fire broke out at 221 Banks Street. Everyone made it out safely and it didn't take long to knock down the flames. A neighbor says the building's owner suspects an animal may have chewed through the wiring sparking the blaze. And in Niles a field fire broke out early this evening near the airport.
By Rachel Lake ( | WSBT-TV | March 24, 2013
It's considered one of the worst disasters in our area's history, killing around 50 people in Elkhart County and injuring many others. This retrospective by WSBT-TV, which originally aired in 1995, chronicles the events of Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965 through original broadcasts and survivor interviews.        The following story from WSBT-TV reporter Rachel Lake aired Sunday night:   ...
By Rachel Lake (, Click here to friend Rachel on Facebook | By Rachel Lake (, Click here to friend Rachel on Facebook | March 14, 2013
Two soldiers are home tonight. Army Reserve Sergeant David Monsivais and Chief Warrent Officer Shawn Waldron have been gone for ten months in Kuwait. Monsivais was all smiles as he kissed his 14-month-old son. After spending months in the Middle East, David says he couldn't wait to get off the plane and see his family. It's the moment he's been longing for. "The people getting off the plane were taking a little too long, I was about ready to push people around, I was really excited," said Sgt. Monsivais.
WSBT-TV Report | February 26, 2013
Mother Nature is digging into her bag and pulling out some mixed treats today. Sleet and freezing rain fell on the southern part of the WSBT listening area Tuesday morning before turning to snow for most of us. Several areas were covered in light ice. An Indiana State Police dispatcher reported a lot of slideoffs on the Toll Road but nothing big enough to impede traffic and no major injuries. The Toll Road was more icy to the west. A dispatcher in Marshall County described the roads as "slick," with some slideoffs but nothing too bad. WSBT meteorologist Matt Rudkin says U.S. 31 was fine but says there was icing on signs, power lines and trees between Plymouth and Rochester.
February 8, 2013
UPDATE:  SOUTH BEND - Today 50 local reserve Marines are coming home. They've spent the last 7 months fighting in Afghanistan. The Marines are with Engineering Company B based in South Bend. They were deployed last May and spent several weeks training at Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Base 29 in California before being shipped to Afghanistan. Marines in Company B are from across northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Several local police officers will escort the buses of Marines from Ligionier to South Bend.  They are expected back in town around noon today.
WSBT-TV Report | February 6, 2013
SOUTH BEND - The U.S. Postal Service says it isn't waiting any longer for permission from Congress to quit delivering mail on Saturdays. Here is a look at the big changes unveiled on Wednesday: The USPS plans to start five-day-a-week delivery in August. Packages, though, will continue to be delivered on Saturdays. Mail would still be delivered to Post Office boxes on Saturdays, and Post Offices now open on Saturdays would remain open. Many of you had something to say about the Post Office cutting Saturday delivery.
Cari Peugeot | WSBT-TV Meteorologist | January 31, 2013
Snow showers have been falling across the area causing slick roads and a return to winter!   Overnight, accumulations ranged from just a dusting to 2 1/2 inches.  This light snow covered up icy patches that formed from this week's rain then freezing overnight.  Wind has also been a huge factor.  While those snow totals aren't enormous, there are still travel issues.  Since most of the snow is light and airy, it is easily blown around creating visibility problems covering up areas that were once cleared.
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